Cannot program new remotes for Sears 139.651600

verucazoomApril 7, 2007

I searched the archives and didn't see a thread for this one, but forgive me if I ask a question that has already been covered.

I just moved into a rental house, and the garage door opener is a Sears (model in subject line). It looks like it's quite an older model. The one remote I was given works just fine, but it bulky and does not clip to a visor. I purchased two new Liftmaster (971LM) openers, which I cannot seem to program.

There is a red button on the back of the motor, and no indicator light. There is a sticker next to the button that says "wait 5 minutes and then reset". Is that the button I should be using to program the remotes? There are no other buttons, and I have tried several combinations of pressing button, holding down remote button - pressing button, pressing remote button twice - etc.

Thanks for your help!

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The remotes are probably not compatable with the opener. The remote package should list all the opener models that are compatible with the unit.
Go to the Sears web site and download the manual for the opener. Check their procedure on the programming sequence.
Didn't Sears have an remote for this unit?

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Thanks, Ron. I will check into your suggestions. Sear didn't have the original remote available.

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They haven't made those remotes for years. If you can, return the 2 you bought and get your money back. The red button you are pushing is a circuit breaker. If the mechanical portion of that opener is working okay you might check into a universal receiver with remotes. You can find them at Sears or Radio Shack.

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I just bought a house with 2 of these gdo's, but only 1 remote. the gdo w/ the remote went kaput last night, i think, it had trouble pushing the door up and down and after the door was down, the motor kept making noise like it was trying to keep pushing the door. 2 questions, 1, does it sound like the gdo w/ trouble is shot and 2, can I reprogram the remote to drive the other gdo, assuming that the answer to No. 1 is yes? Can't seem to find an owners manual for these gdo's on sears .com. Thanks!~

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Need the model numbers of the openers. It should be on the main unit and starts with 139.XXXXX.

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sorry, I should have been more explicit. 139.651600, same as the original post. thanks don!

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godevilman if you have one of the original remotes there will be no way to change it to work with the other opener. These units used plug in modules that changed the code and they haven't been available for at least 15 years. Although these have been Rolls Royce openers they are really outmoded. The new openers are so much safer and are state of the art. I would bite the bullet and replace them.

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