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4CloverApril 6, 2011

Hi, I'm 19yrs old and pretty much know nothing about anything I need to do to fix this garage up. It's my parent's house and since my dad is really lazy and I'm really annoyed at how bad it looks I decided to do the work. The questions will be asked in order of the pictures below.

1. How should i go about fixing this hole

2-3. What should I do with the boarder around this door, it looks like its been sitting like that for so long the wood has become uneven and/or eaten away.

4. I'd like to re-concrete the garage and fill in the holes and overall bring a new "shine" to the floor. Is there a specific concrete I should use for "patching" and "reviving?" I'd also like to epoxy it, recommendations appreciated.

5. As you can see the foundation or whatever these cinder block looking things are do not line up with the wall. I was wondering if you guys thought a border of consistent depth made out of wood covering up that cinder block would look pretty good.

Also, for patching dents in the wall before I paint over it, what would you recommend.

Thanks for the help. Sadly I don't know jack so it's a learn as I go experience. At least when I own a house I won't let it become like this.

Sorry about picture size didn't know they'd turn out like that. Admittedly to lazy to re-upload them all again. lol

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I recommend that you go to the library and check out a couple of Do-It-Yourself books on Home Maintenance and Repair. There are many out there that can lead you through the basics, particularly for the wall repairs.

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