Sealing Concrete Garage Floor

pokee99April 3, 2008

We're moving into a brand new house in May and my husband was thinking of putting a layer of sealant on the garage floor. He has a motorcycle and does work on it and figured a seal on the floor would make it easier to wash, sweep, etc.

Anyone done this before? Is it worth it? Hubby thinks it takes lots of time to do (several layers that take a day each to cure), so we're wondering if we'll have time to do it before all of our stuff needs to be moved in. We're thinking of taking possession 4-5 days earlier just to facilitate this (since we will need the garage for all of our stuff once we're moved in - no way around that). It's gonna cost an extra $500 or so to carry two mortgages at once if we decide to move in several days early. We're wondering if it's worth it.

If anyone out there has sealed their floor and can describe how they did it, how long it took, how much it cost and if it was worth the time and effort, it would be much appreciated!

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I did it in both of my garages. Its well worth it in my opinion. I bought the paint and sealer through Sherwin Williams commercial division. The cost was about $500 (wholesale)I think. Prep is extremly important. You can find all the applicication details on the internet. I used grey epoxy with multi colored specs with clear coat over it all. DO NOT use some cheap store brand paint. It will wear off quickly due to warm tires. Pay more...get more.

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if you "need the garage for all our stuff" then do it. because in my area a garage floor will sweat during spring and fall with teh big difference in ground and air temps. sealed floors don't have as much of a problem with this.

you may also want to look into jsut renting a storage unit for a month or so and stick the stuff in there until teh floor is done. that will be cheaper than paying 2 notes at once!

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visit and get some good advice, they have a section just on garage floors

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