Garage door springs broken?

ike0069April 15, 2007

I have a single door that covers a 2-car garage with a Craftsman GDO. When shutting it Friday night it made a very loud banging noise and now the GDO will no longer open it. I disconnected the opener and I was able to lift it manually, but it was very, very difficult. And when fully open (or at any point) it will not stay there, and it wants to come back down very rapidly.

So I'm guessing I need the springs replaced, or could it be something else? What should be my next step?

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You should be able to see the broken spring if you are inside the garage with the door closed. I would call a door specialist.

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torsion springs are on a rod above the door.
Call a pro for those.
Extension springs will be on each side along the track.
Those are easy to fix, but you probably have torsion or you would have seen the dangling parts.

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Ok, it looks like one of the two torsion spring's locking collar has come loose and the spring just spins with the door. The other spring is still working normally I believe.
Is this something I can fix myself, or would I be better off having a door specialist come fix it and ensure it's properly balanced?

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If you have never messed with it, I would suggest you have someone come out and take a look.

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Balance is the least of the problems.
Those springs and the steel rods to tighten them will do a real job on you if you do not keep them under control.
There is no 'safety' on the spring.
As you torque it up you have to keep moving the rods from one hole to the next, while never letting them slip.
After you get the spring torqued up correctly you have to tighten the clamp, while still holding the spring.
Did I mention how much force they need even with a 1 foot set of rods?

It will be worth the few $$ to have someone else tighten them.

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