Kitchen tabletop surface ideas

jacyAugust 3, 2009

Just finishing up a kitchen renovation with the following:

- white maple Shaker-style upper cabs

- chocolate cherry Shaker-style lower cabs

- ivory brown (AKA Shivakashi light) granite

- stainless appliances

- brushed nickel hardware

- classic white subway backsplash (not in yet)

- wall color undecided but likely in the blue/gray family (from granite) and white trim

I had a corner banquette built using chocolate base cabs, and I picked up an Utby stainless table base from Ikea. I need to decide on a tabletop and am looking for something practical and a little fun, as things are pretty staid right now.

The banquette corner is where you'll get the most sense of the wall color, none will really be visible on the sink and stove runs.

I'd considered a tile mosaic, pulling from the granite colors (reddish-brown, gray/blue, light cream, a bit of white) but maintenance and stability (glassware toppling) issues are a concern.

Don't want the same granite as the counters, and also don't want maintenance issues of natural stone. I'm obsessing enough over the counters!

I'd like it to contrast a bit with the chocolate but going with a white-painted wood top seems like it might be TOO much of a contrast. Wondering if protecting the white paint would yellow it, too -- not good.

I suppose a laminate would be the best, maintenance-wise, but not sure about mixing it with granite.

Any ideas jump out?


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You might get better responses if you post this on the kitchen forum, instead of this furniture forum.

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I think a zinc or copper top could look really cool.

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