How to reupholster this chair.

hummityAugust 2, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am very new to the reupholstering world and I really wanted to redo my dining room chairs. I am just unsure how to go about it. My problem is the tops I hate the wood at the top and was thinking of just covering it up but how do I do it without having the staples show. I also wanted to put a strip of nail heads around the rim of the chair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Attached is the link to the pic.

Thanks, Nina

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There are two common ways to attach a back like this. As you strip the old fabric off, you will see how it was attached. From the photos, I cannot tell which you have but here they are:

1. The back is sewn together (like a pillow case). It's then slipped over the back and attached at the bottom with staples. To get a tight fit, you would probably need to use silk film and a vacuum to shrink the padding until the slip is on. Then the wood part would be attached over the top.

2. Blind staple the inside back's top edge from the inside and use a cardboard tack strip to create a sharp edge. To do this, you flip the fabric over the back, aligned, wrong side facing out, then you staple from the underside. Then wrap the inside back around the outside back frame where you staple it to to bottom Pull the bottom through the gap and staple it into the outside back too.

Blind staple the outside back across the top, just like the inside back. Then attach the sides with tack strips. Hold the strip, points out, at the outside edge of the seam line, puncture the fabric with the points, turn and pound it down from the outside. Repeat for the other side. Staple the bottom edge underneath the seat.

Old timers would blind stitch the left and right edge, but tack strips are the norm now.

If there is any curve to the outside back, it would be common to see Pli-grip instead of straight tack strips.

Trying to cover the wood top is going to be a problem because it's already at the finished thickness. Adding even a little padding is going to make a big lump there.

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