2 openers-2 lights don't work!

tlchoganApril 21, 2006

We have two separate Craftsman garage door openers. The lights do not work on either one. We are sure it is not the bulbs--we replaced them, and checked the ones we took out only to find they work fine in other appliances.

Is there anything else we can do?

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unplug the GDOs and remove the bulbs. then take a small screwdriver, or preferably a plastic pick, and bend the tab back out in the back of the light socket. most likely it is just pushed too far back fo rhte bulbs to make contact.

if this doe snot work, then it could be either a bad/loose connection inside the opener or a bad logic board.

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How old are they? If they have a wood-simulated exterior, your out of luck. Those have a Light delay that looks like a pair of tweezers (spelling?) with a wire around it. They are not available anymore. Otherwise the post above this post is for you. Dan

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installer01 the light delay switch you are referring to is available from Sears. The part number is 1A35QB and sells for $13.30.

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We tried bending the tab, but no luck. One is about 15 years old, the other about 5. Neither are wood-grained. We just can't figure out why the lights aren't working on either one of them.

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