Craftsman 1/2hp problem - door is reversing

shawon12April 25, 2006

I have a Craftsman 1/2 HP opener. When I try to close the door it gets to about 6 inches off the ground and reverses back up. Then the light flashes. I thought that this would be due to blocked sensors, but the sensors are clean with a clear, steady green signal light. I can "trick" the door into closing by hitting the wall button as it begins to reverse to stop it, then press again to get it fully closed. This doesn't work well with the remotes. I need help, please.

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If the main light on your motor unit flashes 10 times when the door starts to reverse it is your sensors or associated wiring. Nothing else will cause this. Sometimes the green lights appear to be steady but if you get real close you will find the 'receiving' unit blinking ever so slightly. Also some doors have a dangling rope to assist with closing. This rope can swing in front of the sensors and cause this same problem.

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Thanks, Don. The light does flash 10 times once the door has finished reversing back to the "up" position, but the signal on the sensors seems strong - no blinking/flickering, etc. My door does not have a rope that could swing in front of the sensors.

This problem just started last week, after several months of working properly. The "down" force is set at a strong level. Do you have any other suggestions to try? Thanks.

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Don: I think that I fixed my problem. The door was bowed inward a little - enough so that the little hand grip at the bottom would pass in front of the sensor. I removed the hand grip, which seems to have corrected the problem. Thanks again for your help.

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Thanks to you for letting us know.

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