Any idea what I'll find under it all?

linsteApril 30, 2011

Hi, I've wandered here from the kitchen forum because we're going to remodel our kitchen and that will include pulling up the old flooring.

We have a 1908 colonial with the original long leaf pine floors. Our kitchen has (I believe) 2 floors under the linoleum we quickly put down 10 yrs ago. What we'd like to do it pull it all up to get to the original wood when we gut the kitchen. The previous owner who lived here beginning in the 40's says he only remembers the kitchen with a floor over it, so it's been covered a long, long time.

I know you never can tell, but I was wondering if there was a common way of covering those original floors long ago. Did they nail down a subfloor before laying a new one? or did they just glue over it? I'm scared of a major glue problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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There is no telling how many floor 'covering' events the kitchen has seen since it was built. I have ripped up many floor coverings to get to a stable 'base' (subfloor) over which to install the new covering. And these old coverings were installed over many different underlayment materials, from glued down asphalt-saturated flooring felt to nailed down panel products, such as masonite and plywood.

It is unlikely that you will find 'oilcloth' under it all, but I have found it during some demolitions. If the original owners did not remove previous coverings when installing new, you could find oilcloth or even early jute-backed linoleum as the first layer. You won't know what you have until you start digging.

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Thanks so much for responding. Guess we'll play it by ear! Linda

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