Humidity Mist on Cement

TreizeChenesApril 16, 2013

My husband and I are building a home in Louisiana where the weather is very humid. We notice when the humidity is high, the cement in the interior of the home sweats. How can we assure that this won't affect the flooring when it is installed?

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Understand that concrete takes a very long time to cure...and during that time some of the moisture that is not incorporated into the cement will flash off as water vapor. Also, you need to know how your concrete was poured, if it is an on-grade slab. Whether or not anything was done, other than to pour the concrete in direct contact with the earth, your slab will emit moisture for a long time.

The only real way to prevent problems with a surface finish, whether it be paint, vinyl, ceramic, wood or others, is to have either a liquid-applied or membrane moisture vapor barrier or retarder installed and then use the appropriate bonding material (adhesive); this is especially important when installing any adhered wood product. Humidity condensing on a cold hard surface can be a problem, but moisture from below is much worse.

If your doing a floating installation...well that is a horse of a different color.

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Thank you glensfc. I am posting a picture to show how the surface was prepared prior to pouring the slab. Was there anything else we should have done prior? Just want to make sure that the company we used did everything correctly. And thanks for the info on preparing the cement prior to installing the flooring.

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This question is redundant. On another thread here as well.

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Sorry...didn't know that I am only allowed to post one question in one thread. I thought I would post on both threads since it pertained to both threads. I have used these forums intermittently and am not familiar with proper posting, etc.

Won't be posting in different threads regarding the same subject again. Thank you for making me aware of this rule.

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What rule? There is no such rule...enlighten me.

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