Huntington House Furniture Poor Quality Sofa

ajjl57August 3, 2009

I purchased a Huntington House Sectional from Southern Design Furniture in N Carolina in August of 2008. Within months the semi attached pillows were ripping away from the back of the sofa.

FIVE out of SEVEN of the semi attached pillows are ripping, including the one that was repaired by the upholsterer that Huntington sent out after my initial call to them about the tears. In several pictures that I sent to Huntington House, you can see that the stuffing is also now coming out. These ripped pillows are on both sides of the sectional as well as the middle.

This sectional is less than a year old and cost roughly $6000; we had planned on keeping it for a long time and assumed the quality was such to allow this. Obviously that is NOT the case.

It appears that this is a MAJOR manufacturing defect and is not fixable simply by having the pillows reattached again.

HuntingtonÂs response to my complaint was to claim that this was due to "misuse". Huntington refused to do anything further about this besides claiming it was from "misuse". No sofa should start to fall apart after less than one year. BEWARE, DO NOT BUY A HUNTINGTON HOUSE SOFA!



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Did you contact the dealer you bought it from?

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Without seeing the pictures, im guessing it could be more of a fabric problem than a manufacturing defect with the sofa construction. Was the fabric from Huntington House, or you supplied your own fabric? What type or content is the fabric? On semi-attached pillow back sofa, their is more pressure on the seam where the pillow is sewn into the back. Their is really no way you can top stitch to re-inforce the seam. But I have not seen this happen very often, only in fabrics not strong enough to be used for upholstery. The store you purchased from should help you in resolving this problem.

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We ordered a HH sofa a few years ago and refused it upon delivery - I can't remember exactly but the fabric was discolored and I think the seams didn't line up I'm not surprised that you had issues and you should definitely pursue the matter further - 6K is alot to spend and you should get more wear out of the sofa!

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I'm in the process of dealing with HH now. we purchased a sofa in the spring of 2007. It literally is falling apart at the seams! I would NEVER recommend this company! I had a flexsteel for 20 years and decided to go with a different style. I so wish I had just had my flexsteel recovered.......

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