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fejonesNovember 13, 2010

Please anyone!!!

My grandmother

Has a living estate, where she put her son/and common law wifes' name on her deed! ok, no problem, till here recently. This greedy x-con, physically hurt her, we got a VPO on him, I now have POA, she is in a rehab currently. She asked my husband and I to change the locks, right after this happened...we did. Now we can not get in because he broke in and changed the locks, and put up a no trespassing sign, even sent me a "implied" threatening text. We have even called adult protective services for help, the police say they can not get them for breaking in because their name is on the deed!

I am unable to pay for an attorney to fight them, I really don't care if he got the house, But he shouldn't get it till she dies. SO greedy!!!

What about her rights, she paid for the house, and to have something like this happen to you at 90 yrs old is just sad. And please do not misunderstand, she had been doing water aerobics 2 times a week up till about 6 weeks ago, very independent and doing fine! I have been keeping everything documented and dated. even calling the judges PA, for advice and help, and still seem to get no where.

Never Never sign your home as a living estate, this just shows what can happen. Get a Will!

How can he legally get away with this, and it not be burglary, or breaking an entry I dont know!

But I just dont see how he can try to also take "steal" her personal property not mistaken for the "real property"

Please anyone?

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Your *ONLY* hope is to get an attorney on your case. There's less than nothing you can get from public message boards in legal advice (and I say *less* than nothing, because much of what you *WILL* get will be inaccurate or damaging.)

You need to explore what comunity legal resources you can access, if you have no money for legal fees.

I sincerely wish you luck... poor estate planning can be incredibly painful to fix after the fact.

Dave Donhoff
Leverage Planner

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Fejones, Dave is right. You need a lawyer.

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A lawyer and your own state's laws are your only hope.

Warning for others: This is why I never suggest that you put anothers name on any thing you own unless you put it as a transfer on death, TOD. I have seen too many well meaning people that lost ever thing trying to prevent costs. Even a POA can result in this type of thing happening. Things happen that result in losing what you have including lawsuits, accidents, bankruptcy.

A POA is only good as long as the person issuing it is alive. In most states it ends when the person dies.

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