Garage Door Opener Not Working On Some Stuff

jhermizApril 26, 2006

Ive got a sears craftsman 1/2 hp garage opener (about 6 years old)

All was fine till last night, one of my remotes stops working...

So I go out and buy a battery for it thinking that was the problem...didnt work...but what I do notice is when I click the garage door opener control (the handheld one with the 3 buttons) the unit on the back has an indicator that lights up, so apparently its getting a signal but nothing else happens the garage door doesnt open.

So I thought I could click this red button on the back of the main unit to reprogram the remote. So I clicked it and the light began blinking 3-4 times, then I held down one of my buttons on the remote and still no go...

So not sure what is wrong with the remote...

Then to make things worse this morning I go out to my truck which has a built in garage door opener right in my yukon. I click the button on that and nothing works, so it appears that is somehow not working?

So I get out of my truck and go to my keypad control on the outside of my garage. I enter the 4 digit codes that I have and click enter and that too doesnt work.

What gives ???

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Sounds like the receiver on your logic board has quit working. Could possibly be from lightning in the area. The logic board costs about $80.00 plus labor if you can't DIY. Not good news.

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You are definately wrong. I got all of them working except one of my controllers. Is it possible that this controller is bad? I changed the battery on the controller and that didnt work.


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Sorry I've been wrong before but this is the first time I have been definately wrong. I really think the controller that isn't working is okay. You just haven't figured it out yet. Keep trying.

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