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lodaladyApril 18, 2014

HELP>>>I sealed my 20 yr old terra cotta tile floor this morning with this 511 product. The label says it can be reapplied in 1-2 hours. However, six hours later and it is still tacky. What's up? Has anyone had this same experience and what should I do?

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eight hours later and it is still tacky.

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I was going to use 511 on my granite counters to take away some of the honing from use. I would call a floor guy from the "yellow pages" and ask them what they think. No action on these threads I'm afraid.

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Ask on the John Bridges forum.

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Sophie Wheeler

Weren't stripped properly first and wrong product for application. Clean with mineral spirits, or acetone. May not work. May neeed big guns like MEK. Call a pro.

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Hollysprings, you may be right. I didn't strip it, but I scrubbed it four times, twice on hands and knees, scrubbing the groute with a detailing brush (metal?). The floor may be older than 20 years, but I know it has had no maintenance, aside from mopping, for 10 years at a minimum. It may have has a forty years finish on it, LOL!
I read the directions again, and it said to wipe off excess. It also says that the excess can be wiped off when the second coat is applied. Plus, it had a very shiney finish.
I did a second coat before going to bed, and wiped as I went. The floor was dry this morning, and has a nice matt finish. I'm just so happy that the big dog drips (Boxer) no longer soak in.
I would recommend this product to a friend and that the company add a video of value to youtube, or add more directions, because the directions and the support team at the 800# sucks.

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