Garage door open/close is flaky - help

deadeye_agApril 1, 2006

Hey everyone,

For whatever reason my garage door sometimes doesn't close all the way. It will start closing and then about 18 inches from being closed, it stops as if there was an obstruction and heads back up. Sometimes I'll try again and it works fine. Also, I've noticed it tends to act up when the weather gets cold. The track seems fine if I do it manually. I've tried using 3 in 1 oil on the rollers and big long spring and it kind of seems to help but after a few days it acts up again. Any ideas?


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Make sure the sensors in the doorway are pointed directly at one another. Sometimes they will get bumped and will become intermittent like yours tweak them a bit.

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I have the same problem. It isn't the sensors because I don't have any :) I haven't been able to nail down exactly what it could be. A friend of mine said that maybe the spring above the door was wound too tightly. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Mine is a Craftsman, but I can't remember the model.

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As the springs age they get weaker and cause the opposite problem. The door is heavier and the opener can't open it. Your door may be binding. Release the opener and try it by hand. If it seems okay then try this.

On the rear of your opener near where all those white wires go you will find a two controls. One is the 'down force'. Turn this about 1/4 turn and try the door.

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Oh, man... duh. Why didn't I just check up there? Thanks don! I noticed my 'down force' was set very low so I turned it up to the high side of 'normal'. This morning it closed fine. I hope it continues to operate properly.


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Well, the 'downforce' setting adjustment has officially fixed my problem. Thanks again.

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I have a Sears GDO model #53625. it has worked now for 15 1/2 years without any poblems. the worm gear wore out the last week and the door stopped going up and down. I ordered the replacement part and installed it. Now the door just starts moves for about 5 inches and then reverses. I have disconected the chain and drive gear the the motor does the same thing with no load. Starts then Reverses. Any Ideas, could it be the capacitor? Thanks, Linden

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After replacing the gear did you remember to replace the black plastic interruptor cup? It goes on the shaft on the front of the motor.

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First, disconnect the door opener from the door... Push the door closed "by hand" NOT by using the handle. You must push the door closed by pushing the arm of the door opener, or push from the point where the door opener itself pushes. At some point the door will stick. Let the door "lock" itself if possible. Then inspect. You may find the door is "sticking" on the exterior trim. Look for wear on the outside of the door where the trim is preventing the door from closing. The door opener is designed to stop and or reverse if the door is obstructed. If this does not help, the sensitivity on the door opener may just need to be adjusted a bit. You will need to check your manual to see where this adjustment is on your model. I have found that this problem is usually in the adjustment of the door itself, although it could very well be an adjustment in the door opener. Make sure there is no rope hanging from the inside handle that is breaking the beam from the photo cells too. Hope this helps. Dan

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