Garage Door 'Open' Indicator

mike_kaiser_gwApril 3, 2007

I have a friend whose house/garage is laid out in such a way that there's no way to know if the garage door open unless he walks outside. That's not always a lot of fun on a rainy day. I want to say that I saw some kind of device that senses the position of the garage door and provides some kind of indicator light inside the home.

Does that ring a bell with anyone?


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I was looking for the same thing a while back and found a device at Sears. It is called a Craftsman Wireless Garage Door Monitor for $35. A search on the Internet will find you other manufacturers. I did not purchase it so I cann tell you how well they work.

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I have one of the units that robert mentions and it works great. On mine there is an LED that blinks red when the door is open and is solid green when the door is closed.

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