Craftsman 1/2HP 1999 Garage Opener stutters while closing

amaryllis52April 16, 2012

Hello pro's:

I have a garage opener (specs below), when it's time to close the door, it will start closing then stop after going down only a few inches , I would push on the close button again, it will start closing again but will only go down like a couple of inches then stops again, press again will make a sound but will not go down, press again it will go up, press again a few inches down, and repeat the process 20 times until it finally starts closing.

This started happening before a power outage we had that took out the wall panel. I made sure the sensors are aligned and they are both on (amber and green). I tried to short both terminals behind the opener left with middle or right with middle to see if it will overide the sensor to see if that is the problem but nothing happened. I got this info from a video on youtube.

Any help is really appreciated.


Garage opener info:

Model: 139.53976SRT

MFG Date: 10/99

120V, 5A, 60Hz, 1/2HP

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Try increasing the 'down force'. This is a control on the rear of the motor unit near where all those white wires go.

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