Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door opened automatically and then closed

rangerfan25April 15, 2006

I have a 1/2 hp craftsman, don't recall model, but it isn't more than 2 years bought.

At 2 am. after being closed for 5 hours, the garage door opened by itself and 30 seconds later closed and 30 seconds later opened. I flipped the outside lights on and it stopped doing it. the green light on the pad was steady green.

What are the chances of a Thief being able to descramble my code or someone new in the neighborhood driving by and having the same code all of a sudden? I promise, I looked outside when I heard it and no cars in site.

The manaual says it may open and close by itself but what exactly does that mean. Out of no where it will just open and close a few times and stop and not do it again?

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See your duplicate post under Home Repair.

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The garage door opener "can't" close by itself. It can reopen itself if the "photocells" are even "slightly" out of alignment. The only way the door can open,(at 2:00 the bars get out??? someone is fooling around??) is if someone has a programmed remote control to your door, or there is a slight short in the wire from the doorbell (wall) button end or the end of the wall button that connects to the back of the door opener. I have seen this. Sometimes they use speaker type wire that has several strands of wire. They may have frayed just slight. If just one strand of frayed wire is just barely touching the other contact. It will activate the door opener. Just a person walking above the door opener can activate the door without knowing. Most of the time they use a single strand wire and this does not usually happen. Lets try this first...Clear your board of all frequencies,(by holding in the programming button on the back of the board, it will be a colored button). Re program your exisiting remote controls and keypad back into the board. Check the wire behind the wall control, check the connection where the wires connect to the back of the opener. Make sure they are connected and are tight and not touching other contacts. There are many reasons for the door to "reverse". The door should "never" close without a command from a remote or wall control.. Dan

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Your GDO problem seem to be almost the same as my GDO
problem I had several years ago. I had a 1/2 hp craftsman
GDO only 7 month old when it to started to open and close
by itself (day or night). But I was not the only one in
town that had the same problem.

Do you have very active airports, military bases, and large
microwave towers in your area? Because it turn out to be
the military doing their new thing with RF and microwave

For this reason I and others had to replace our GDO to
different brand GDO that is design to handle these signals.
So once I replace the craftsman GDO for a new brand GDO.
No more problems ever again.

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