dog friendly upholstery--does it really exist?

ratherbeknittingAugust 23, 2010

Hi All,

I have heard and read so much conflicting information on selecting upholstery that is "dog friendly."

*Sunbrella is great./ No it is terrible and will pill when your dogs scratch it.

*Leather is great, especially lower grade leather that doesn't scratch easily. No it is terrible and if your dog pees on it watch out!

*Microfiber (like ultrasuede and sinsuede) is great. No it is thinner than other polyester fabrics and doesn't wear very well.

*Heavy duty polyester upholstery is great especially if it can withstand 60,000 rubs or more (this is some standard used in the furniture industry that I don't really understand).

My goal is to find a mid grade fabric that can withstand some scratching and occasional accidents (I have older dogs--the biggest one weighs 10 lbs). I want to buy 5088-03

Sofa from the Lee Industries. Now we just need to select a fabric. Any advice would be appreciated.

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First thing I would look for is a W- or WS- cleaning code. This means that you can water clean it. Urine, vomit, spit, and body oils all need to be water cleaned.

The second thing I'd look for is a tight weave to avoid snagging from claws and teeth. Add to this a high-rub rating.

A Wyzenbeek machine is used allowing sample of the test fabric to be pulled tight in a frame and held stationary. Individual test specimens cut from the warp and weft direction are then rubbed back and forth using an approved fabric as the abradant. The number of double rub cycles before two yarn breaks occur or noticeable wear is observed is recorded as the fabricÂs abrasion rating.

Martindale is an oscillating test. Fabric samples are mounted flat and rubbed in a figure eight like motion using a piece of worsted wool cloth as the abradant. The number of cycles that the fabric can endure before fabric shows objectionable change in appearance (yarn breaks, pilling, holes) is counted. Number of cycles determines abrasion rating.

After that, I think it's a matter of personal preference. I'd probably go with a quality microfiber or polyester.

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