Craftsman 1/2 hp GDO won't move more than 4 inches

rotaryboyApril 26, 2007

The model# is 139.535006 (no sensors, really old) and the issue started when the door would only move up and then down 4 inches, then stop. Now the motor just "clicks" and the door wont move at all. I can screw the motor shaft by hand (chain is off) to the middle of its cycle and occasionally the gear will turn until it reaches the top or bottom. Once it hits the top (or bottom) limiter it will do nothing if pressed again...the motor just clicks or only moves a fraction of an inch. I have swapped both rpm sensor board and logic board with my other working unit to no avail. BTW I replaced the worm gear/sprocket years ago and it has been fine. I think what may have started all this is me shutting the door on a bucket and the door reversing itself???

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If you eliminated the circuit board and rpm sensor as faults then the only thing left is the motor. If this is doing this even with the door disconnected then I would opt for a new unit for the motor is going to run you around 100 bucks itself and that is if you can find one that old.

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I did not post a problem but on reading your answers I solved my problem with my sensor being out of line. I was about to go buy a whole new opener so thanks for being here and saving me money. Now I can brag to my husband that I fixed the opener!!!!!!

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vickie, good for you! That's why we are here.

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vickie, make sure you rub it in good too. Especially if he tried fixing it. Glad we could help.

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I'm still stumped as again yesterday the door completed its down cycle but once it hit the down limiter wouldn't go back up. If the motor is bad I would think it wouldn't move at all. I swapped the starter capacitor difference. I really don't mind buying a new opener except the Homelink in my older car ('97)doesn't work with rolling codes, right?

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