Is an insultated garage door worth it to keep out heat

james_444March 9, 2013


I live in Mesa Arizona, an adjacent city to Phoenix. As you may of heard it gets a little warm here in the summer like over 110 degrees. I'm going to replace my 1978 single piece steel garage door. My house faces west and during the summer the sun beats on the steel garage door and turns the attached garage into a dry sauna. It's hotter in the garage than it is outside even though outside may be over 115 degrees. The heat bleeds into the house in spite of insulation in the garage walls and pushes up my air conditioning bill.

Every article I've found talks about insulated garage doors and cold. Cold is not my problem. Any suggestions as to the best insulated garage door for heat?

I was thinking of a polyurethane sandwich style door. My reasoning that even if the door leaks air around the edges it will still be better than what I have now. I am aware that the R values quoted by manufacturers are not consistent since some use the center of the panel and very few, if any, test the whole door.

I've already put in Energy star windows and doors and had extra insulation blown into the attic. I have dropped my utility bills by over 35%. I've also installed ceiling fans which help a lot.

So in my particular case is an insulated door worth the extra cost? Does anyone have any experience with a particular brand?

Suggestions anyone?

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Installation only slows the movement of heat, it does not stop the movement.

Given the 365/24 exposure of the door it is not likely to make much difference without HVAC.

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