Best place to buy Henkel Harris?

sue36August 23, 2006

I have fallen in love with a Henkel Harris table and want to price it (I'm sure it's going to be steep), and was wondering the best place to get it, price-wise, would be. It is my understanding they have a minimum retail price. But I have also read that you can get pretty good discounts, and maybe free shipping, from certain sellers. Any advice is appreciated. Here is a link to the table. I plan to have it behind my sofa. It would be the first thing people see when they enter my great room. Isn't it beautiful?

Here is a link that might be useful: Demilune Console

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it is a pretty table!! click on the "find a dealer" section at the henkel harris website, and call any/all stores to ask the price. ask when their sales are; sometimes a local store can have a sale that beats the prices in NC. you can also contact boyles to ask for the price, they will call you back with the info. they have free shipping on henkel harris right now.

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I called Boyles. It is $5588 with their discount (45% off). It has a "retail" price of over $10k. That is just too much. I love it, but for $5600 I can buy 2-3 tables, still of good quality. I'm just so disappointed now, because that table has the perfect combination of traditional (the shape), whimsy (the carved floral pattern) and craftsmanship (the inlaid wood). Sigh.

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I'm not surprised that is the price (thanks for sharing that info, by the way).

Only you can determine what your finances are and if it can fit into your budget. but keep in mind that piece of furniture such as that, is kind of like a piece of art. you mentioned that it would be in a place in your home where you saw it every day, and gave the first impression to your guests... if everytime you saw it, you thought to yourself "wow, I still love that table!" and it gave you a happy feeling inside, then it could be worth purchasing (like art). The quality of workmanship, and the fact that it would remain in excellent condition for a long time (it wouldn't get daily use as a sofa or chair, or DR table, for that matter) means that it will be around a long, long time - an heirloom piece.

On the other hand, if this was the only "nice" piece of furniture in your home, it might look out of place - and instead of noticing the demilune and admiring it, you might see that it doesn't match the style of everything around it. I'm having this same quandry in looking at furniture to purchase myself!

Last comment - classic pieces of furniture never go out of style. you could clip the picture and revisit your finances in 5, 10 years and see what demilune table is available at that time. Just because you don't get it now doesn't mean you never can.

good luck!

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If I was buying just the one table I would pay it. But we just moved into a huge house from a city apartment, so we need several rooms of furniture.

Of course now everything else looks like crap in comparison, so I may get other pieces first (ottoman, side tables, etc.), and revisit this in the future. I wish I could see it in person.

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Have you checked buying directly from North Carolina sources? I bought a lot of furniture that way, including Henkel Harris, but it was some years ago.

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If you don't mind used furniture, you could check out ebay for HH piece. I just visited an antique store that sells high end furniture, and the HH pieces still look fantastic after 20+ years. But the price is still high, e.g. 2000-4000 for a dresser.

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"Have you checked buying directly from North Carolina sources?"

That is odd. The HH factory is in Winchester, VA.
There are other similar sounding names (Young Henckel, etc) but they are not the sae as HH.
You could try Patton's furniture in Winchester, but you are not likely to get more than 45% off list.

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I was not talking about buying from the manufacturer. North Carolina has a lot of furniture dealers who have specialized in selling to customers all over the country at about 50% off retail. I furnished most of my house this way from top-notch manufacturers, including Henkel Harris. I still have the Henkel Harris catalog from those days.

But as I said above it was some years ago. There were a number of such dealers. I think the one I used most was called Black's but I'd have to go dig out my receipts. I also bought Southwood and a number of pieces from the American Masterpiece collection by Hickory Chair. And others. I did COM for some and the manufacturers' fabrics for others. I saved a ton of money and have furniture I'll hand down to my children.

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The price I got was from Boyles. The manufacturer minimum price is 40% off retail. There are special sales when you can get an additonal 5% off. The price Boyles quoted me was 45% off. The table will not be available "used" because it is a new item to HH. Even if they gave me an additional 5% off, it would still be a $5k plus table. Too much. $5k for one demilune table is just too much right now, when I have am empty 3800 SF house to fill.

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I have to say I agree with you, Sue. That's an awful lot of money for one little table, even at that deep discount. But I bet you will find something you love. There is a lot of furniture out there.

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try greenfront in Virginia.... we've gotten our last several Henkel Harris and Baker it4ems from them... beat the High Point quotes we had...

BTW... I'm NOT affiliated.

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If anyone is still checking out this posting, I would be interested to know used furniture stores to buy HH. Alex2004, you mentioned such a place. We want to buy six dining room chairs to match six we bought 12 years ago and we learned from pattons that the style was discontinued about 7 years ago. So we are in the used furniture stores search now. Suggestions welcome. ben

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GNC Antiques in Winchester, Virginia specializes in pre-owned Henkel Harris and has a website. They also sell discontinued pieces directly from the Henkel Harris factory. Chip

Here is a link that might be useful: GNC Antiques

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3800 sq. ft. to fill? Then high thee to Greenfront Furniture - three locations, see info below. Their selection is ginormous, discounted, and in stock (but orderable as well, if need be). Wear comfortable shoes and plan to stay the entire day, if not overnight. Take a trailer, SUV, or pickup truck. They sell everything from accessories, upholstered pieces, casegoods, to FABULOUS Oriental rugs. I promise you will be BLOWN AWAY! I live three states away and make the pilgrimage anytime I am remotely nearby.
PS...I am NOT affiliated with Greenfront, just a very satisfied, repeat customer.

Central Virginia
Farmville, VA
316 North Main Street
Farmville, Virginia 23901
(434) 392-5943
[THIS IS THEIR MAIN 'STORE' - about a dozen warehouses' worth]

Northern Virginia
Manassas, VA
10154 Harry J. Parrish Blvd
Manassas, Virginia 20109
(703) 396-8560

North Carolina
Raleigh, NC
2004 Yonkers Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 754-9754

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We have a Henkel-Harris dining room table with 6 chairs if you are interested. There 5 side chairs and one arm chair all in wild black cherry. 910-949-4177

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