Need sanding advice on ruined maple kitchen floor! Please

bothApril 8, 2013

My husband and I moved in 09 and could not sell our house so we have been renting it. (I hate being a landlord). Our kitchen floor is maple that is original to the house that is about 100 years old. We had the floor sanded and finished in 02 and they are starting to look really dark and dirty and they are getting ruined. I am hesitant to sand them again! I asked our floor guy if he could just LIGHTLY sand them and apply three coats of a poly. I told him we do not care what it looks like we just want to prevent any more damage being done to them. We plan on sanding all the floors throughout the whole house one day before we sell, in about 10 years. Anyway he does not think this is what we should do. He says leave it alone or do a complete sand and finish. What does anyone think? Thank you for any ideas. Our tenants are leaving for a wedding for five days so I feel we should do something.

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Honestly, that sounds like a reasonable idea to me. The biggest pitfall I see is that something may have been used to maintain the floor that interferes with the adhesion.
As long as you assure the floor guy that you won't blame him for anything unpredictable that happens and that you promise not to tell anyone he did the work (so they don't get the wrong idea), I don't see why he would hesitate.
I have turned down jobs similar to yours but mostly it was because I thought the client had an unrealistic expectation of how it would turn out or because I was afraid it would reflect badly on my reputation.

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