Garage opener range dropped suddenly, cause?

rcnaylorMarch 16, 2013

I have a Wayne Dalton garage opener. Two remotes. The unit has always opened the door from 60 to 70 feet.

Last week the remotes in both car didn't open the door until the car was 10 to 15 feet from the garage door.

I put new batteries in both remotes. No improvement.

Any ideas what caused the sudden change and what I can do to restore the previous range?

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Any new RF devices in your house?

Or even the neighbors house?

Has the antenna on the opener become broken (often just a piece of wire hanging down).

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Thanks for the suggestions. New devices at my house, no.

Neighbors, who knows?

But, is there an antena on Wayne Dalton openers? I saw that on another thread, and looked for one but couldn't find it? Didn't really see any place where one would hook up, but, there was one hole that looked like it was an outlet for something to plug into. Also, I can't really see the back of the drive unit well if that is where an antena goes?

Any additional info on Wayne Dalton units would be appreciated..

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