Know of a pressure cooker manufacturer who

kitchendetectiveFebruary 10, 2014

Do you know of a pressure cooker manufacturer who will let you send in your dysfunctional pressure cooker for repair? I have two pcs that do not build up pressure. One is an 8 qt. Magefesa and another is somewhat smaller Kuhn-Rikon (the one that had risotto instructions on a ring on top, but it fell off). K-R wouldn't deal with it, but put me in touch with a US parts vendor who kept selling me different parts, which were difficult to install in some instances, and never solved the problem. Magefesa has sent me a new silicone gasket, but this has not helped, and I am awaiting another email response from that company. Both of these worked well initially and then stopped working after 6 to 10 uses. That's a lot of resources for 16 uses! Both are stainless steel, heavy, and seem like nice cookware. I will not buy another from a company that just wants to keep experimenting on my nickel.

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What model of Kuhn Rikon do you have, and what exactly is the problem with it?

My KR got burned by SWMBO and ordering repair parts went smoothly.

You might try these folks, they should take a phone call.

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It was called a "Duromatic," but I do not see the exact model on the link you have graciously supplied. It had a ring with a risotto recipe (green, not blue), and both handles are short, not long. It was originally purchased from Pacific Cutlery Direct (PCD). I have already replaced the valve assembly and the gasket. The valve assembly was difficult to insert. What I would love would be to send it in and have them repair it, if possible. I have had pleasant experience with Pleasant Hill, so I will try them, but I do not want to continue buying parts, if they will not work. Of course.

Here is a link that might be useful: Closest to this one

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Depends on the models, both may have complicated spring pressure valve/indicators.

Any food particles on gaskets, safety valves, pressure valves will prevent pressure buildup for a pressure cooker.

You may want to try to disassemble all parts and thoroughly clean all parts.

For areas difficult to get to to clean, you may need a high pressure water jet to blast them clean. (dental waterjet, or pressure washer) .

Check to see if there are nicks/dents on the rim of the pot where the gasket makes contact. The rim needs to be perfectly smooth.


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The rims of the tops and the gaskets are completely clean and without deformation. On the K-R, the safety valve sputters, as does the main valve. I am not sure that the main valve assembly is correctly installed (by me!). It required stronger fingers and, perhaps, a dedicated tool or two. Also, I do not think the pressure valve moves as freely as it should, and I am going to try the dental water jet method when I return home. I am not sure that my Waterpik is all that powerful, though. Mine looks much like this one, but the recipe ring was green and it was an anniversary risotto model. I admit that I loved being able to cheat and get credit for risotto. ;

On the Magefesa, there is a valve through which I can see daylight, but I think it is supposed to have a membrane of some sort in it. The pressure weight valve jiggles and steam comes out, no matter what the setting. The model is no longer made, from what I can tell, but is closest to this one.

Magefesa USA has asked that I mail in the lid for an estimate and we will go from there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magefesa USA

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