Difference between nylon 6,6 and nylon 6 carpet

mybrowneyedgirlsApril 7, 2011

Ok, thanks to the help I have received here, I have decided against using polyester carpet. I have been pricing short cut nylon frieze, and have come across a couple of pretty good deals at a local carpet store. One is Anso nylon and the other is a Shaw nylon but I forget the name. Both are nylon 6. What is the main difference between 6 and 6,6 nylon? We are stretching our budget to get the nylon instead of polyester, so I am leaning towards going with the nylon 6 because it is less expensive than the 6,6. My main concern is with it fading. The salesman I worked with told me that is will fade, but that there is really no way to predict how quickly. Are we talking 1 year or 5 yrs or 10 or what? The choice for us really is between nylon 6 and polyester...I know polyester won't fade, though, but still, I think nylon is the way to go, right?

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its been awhile since I was a cpt rep but pretty much nylon is nylon. Anso is a brand name of nylon as is Stainmaster. I recall that when I sold in Hawaii certain nylons wouldn't be sold as they faded so rapidly. Fiber is always a trade offs of benefits. Polys are dyed all the way thru nylons arent which is why polys won't fade but nylon will. Have you looked at any Mohawk Smartstrand? Absolutely won't fade and extremely durable. Search on this forum for Smartstrand and you can read the threads. If fading is a big concern then yes you will be dissapointed with nylon.

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I find there is very little fading with Nylons of today. I have had one complaint in 16 years of nylon fade. that house was full of glass to the south and none of it was Low e. It is really a non issue of today. The 6.0 Nylon will be fine and yes much better than polyester.

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Thank you. One more question...what is the difference between 6 and 6,6 nylon? Is it the way it is dyed? I am assuming 6,6 is solution dyed and 6 is not? But really I have no idea. Thanks again for the help!

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Invista and Solutia have done a super job of marketing to convince you that theirs' is best. Also, their yarn is a type 6.6 nylon and is marketed as being "better" than type 6 nylon. However, recent studies by leading chemical engineers suggest that the differences between the two types have little to do with a carpet's overall performance, and further suggest that carpet construction is more important than fiber. The reason the consumer has to pay about $1.00/sq.yd. more for Stainmaster or Wear Dated than unbranded nylon fiber is that Invista and Mohawk spend millions of advertising dollars to convince you their fiber is better. This cost is passed on to the mill, and then to the dealer, and then to you. Invista did help the consumer by breaking their fiber quality into groups.

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