peg and groove hardwood floors

zagyzebraApril 20, 2013

I have a 1931 home with a hardwood floor in the main living room that must be replaced due to fire. The original beautiful hardwood floor has slightly darker round pegs. I loved it.

Everyone says hardwood floor aren't done in this style any more. Indeed, I can't even find any similar pictures on the internet!

My first question is, if you had a beautiful old home that you were trying to restore, would you attempt to stick with the authenticity of the room and put in a new peg and groove hardwood floor, or abandon the pegs because because "no one does then now?"

My second question is, has anyone done these old-style peg and groove hardwood floors lately and, if so, do you have any tips for me?

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Have you called any professionals? My company does them even its not advertised. Ask around

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Greg Mills: I'm in L.A. By any chance is your company?

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In our kitchen remodel a year ago we installed red oak floors pegged with walnut to match existing floors in a family room and breakfast room. A quality local craftsman had no problem laying the oak strips, drilling for the pegs and hammering in the pegs. They match the old floor perfectly.

This photo, taken for a different post, shows both new and old floors, roughly changing from new nearest the camera to old flooring under the dog.

This shows the adjacent family room, nearest camera, with old floors. Old floors continue into the kitchen to about the center of the table, where the new flooring begins.

We cannot tell the difference between new and old. I think most floor guys could do this if they are used to laying unfinished hardwood.

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Sorry my company is based out of Minnesota.

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Bellsmom, beautiful floors!! love the stain! can you tell me what stain you used or maybe you just used clear coat on your oak? look great! do they tend to turn yellow over time?

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There is NO stain. These are red oak floors with a natural finish. The ones in the nearby family room were refinished 20 years ago. No stain. They look exactly the same as the ones in the adjacent kitchen that were installed and/or refinished last year, again with no stain. No color change at all over 20 years.

The top photo (with the dog) is pretty close to the actual color. There is a definite warm tinge to the wood. I would say it is a little warmer/redder in real life than in the photos.

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Bellsmom, would you mind posting the pix of your peg and groove hardwood floors again? I just went back to this post that I made a year and a half ago, and for some reason your pix are showing up as a box with a question mark. I'd love to see them again, as I'm finally at the floor installation point of my restoration.

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They show up in my browser.

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