Searched & cant find weights etc on these Smartstrand Carpets

wantlakewoodranchApril 13, 2012

I Can't find specific weights/specs on these Smartstrand Carpets anywhere. The only retailer that had weights anywhere on the samples was LOWES, do I just take the word of the dealers? Another thread here said Luck Star at Lowes is the same as Intelligent Stylebut Intelligent Style has longer threads so that doesn;t appear to be true.

Intelligent Style 1I50,

Organic Luxury 1I51, and

Elegance 1I54

LOWES SOS Voyager 50 oz

LOWES SOS Lucky Star 60 oz

None of them show weights except LOWES? Can you tell me the spec differences so we can make our decision?

Any help appreciated/

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Lucky Star & Intelligent style are the same style & density--they just have different names based on the retailer. We have the Intelligent/Lucky Star style and we are very happy with it. It is thick & plush enough to feel luxurious--denser than alot of competitor carpets that you are used to. IMO, it's not necessary to go with one that is any denser--all density levels have the same warranty. I would stick with 60oz and upgrade your pad. Alot of people upgrade the carpet and go with the cheapest pad possible, when the pad is just as important as the carpet.

Hope this helps!

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Appreciate the followup. The Mohawk Intelligent Style sample we got has longer strands than the Lucky Star sample at Lowes. Call me crazy but the Intelligent Style is longer. I want to buy the Intelligent Style because I'd rather give the local guy the business over Lowes but don't want the longer strands :(

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Try going one level down at your local guy--it's called Brilliant. It will be a little less dense & the strands should be a little shorter.

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