Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door opener Remote problem

brisonnyMarch 3, 2007

The remotes for my Craftsman screwdrive 1/2 hp GDO work only at a very short range; about 2-3 inches away from the unit. I have replaced the batteries, but still no success. The problem was intermittent at first (the remotes worked from the car off and on for a while) now they only work when right next to the unit. Thanks in adavance!

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Sounds like your logic board is going bad.

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Could it be any type of radio interferance, like from my wireless router?

How can I tell my transmitters are working correctly?

Otherwise I guess my best bet is to buy a new opener since a new logic board with shipping is near the price of a new GDO.

Thanks for your reply.

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It could be from interference. Look at the small LED just to the left of all those white wires. It is flickering rapidly? That would be a sign of interference and you should start unplugging things until it quits doing that. Random flashing is normal.

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