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dkfinorAugust 25, 2006

What is considered the best mattress company out there? We bought a Select Comfort two years ago, and now we need to replace it (absolutely HATE it!). Would love some buying advice since I messed up with the SC. TIA!

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I bought a new mattress a year ago and did extensive research on what to look for and price. My best advise is to get a standard brand mattress such as Sealy or Serta - no pillow top, no memory foam. Go to several stores and lie down on 2 or 3 varieties for at least 5 minutes (that was hard for me, but you can tell alot that way. I ended up getting a Sealy Posteurpedic for about $750.00. There are many different types of this mattress. Don't be afraid to try them all and take your time. It is worth it in the end, after all we spend so much time in our beds. I'm very happy with ours.

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I have a Stern & Foster bed and it was a bit pricier than the Sealy's or Serta's but it is rock solid and I love it.

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My poor family hated being in the car with me. Everytime I trappd them inside, we ended up at a mattress store!

But it paid off. After starting with Stearns & Foster (a bit too firm for our needs) we ended up with a Simmons no flip ultra pillowtop. We love it!

Definitely invest the time lying on the merchandise. Consumer Reports suggests 15 minutes. At least you can tell the bad ones right off! Never buy a mattress thinking you will break it in. They do NOT get better with age.
Read the tags that tell you how it is constructed. That is a good indicator of longterm quality.

Good luck!

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I have a severe back pain and then I tried to go on the site looking for a good mattress. I used to stay in Westin hotel when i go travelling with my families.
I love the mattress they have, called Heavenly Mattress i believe...

After find a solid research, I found a website and bought the Heavenly 300 as suggested by the mattress specialist. That was 6 months ago. I love it and until now I never want to wake up from my mattress. And the most importantly my back pain is gone.

I suggest to get the adjustable bed 600 series with Heavenly 200 because my husband get one of those for the family room, and it was just great nice.

Hope this helps :)

Here is a link that might be useful: 1HeavenlySleep Mattress System

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Shifman hands down.

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We loved our Simmons World Class Beautyrest mattress when we first got it 5 years ago, however, the pillowtop/padding on the top condensed down so much after only the first 4 years and now there are deep body impressions/divets in the top which make the whole mattress pretty uncomfortable. For what we paid for it, seems it should have been great for more than just 4 years! (Just a note, we bought the Olympic Queen size which is a wider mattress on a queen boxspring/frame ... not sure if the lack of support from the Olympic Queen size board in between the mattress and the box spring caused any of the uneven wearing /lack of support with the mattress over time ... any one else get an Olympic Queen size mattress and have any problems with it? Just curious ....)

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HANDS DOWN, the best mattress set one can buy is a King's Down mattress but beware, they're expensive. I purchased a king size set from Boyles Furniture outlet in Moxsville, NC for $5,000 but have no regrets. We've never slept better in 18 years of marriage.

The children needed new mattress but we weren't prepared to pay "a King's Down randsome thrice more" so I came up with an alternative.

Mattress Warehouse offeres their Margaretta line that's especially made for them and I promise you, it's as close to the King's Down feel at a fraction of the cost. A queen sized set cost us $1,200. Everyone's happy :-) and well rested.

Feather pillows, down comforters and awesome mattresses; we all sleep like royalty these days...

Good luck!

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We bought a Stears & Foster pillow top from Bloomingdales (40% off sale) about 5 years ago. We thought we'd died and gone to heaven. It is now used as a guest bed since we bought a King bed when we moved out of Manhattan. We went to some local mattress company and laid on a few mattresses and ended up buying a super expensive one that we thought was as good as the S&F. Well, after 2 years on it there is a big sag on my husband's side (and he's only 165lbs!!)
Everyone who has ever stayed w/ us RAVES about the S&F. I actually put an extra pillow top on top of the pillow top so it is extra dreamy.
One thing that you can't overlook when buying a luxury mattress is luxury linens. Their importance is 50/50 to the mattress quality for a truely unbelievable sleep.

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I have bought 3 mattresses for myself in the last 3 years.
1st.-Simmons Beauty Rest extra firm - Too Hard for my curves and woke up with sore back every morning.
2nd. Simmon Beauty Rest- regular - My back still ached from this matteress.
3rd - Serta Pillowtop - I sleep in a hole (indent) but my back does not ache in morning!
Happy shopping as I'm happy sleeping for awhile.

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Lynne Reno

We have had 2 top of the line Beautyrest mattresses in 10 years, both developed indentations from where we normally sleep,and had noticable compacting of the pillowtop, rather than try another new mattress, we bought the memory foam mattress topper from costco and it's like having a brand new mattress

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We have a NaturalResponse visco memory foam
Hate it! Retains body heat, difficult to
roll side to side.
Going back to purchase coil mattress.

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A very good, but fairly expensive, brand is the McRoskey Airflex. It may be the last mattress you will ever buy. No foam anywhere - they use cotton and other natural materials for fillers. They wind their own springs and hand tie them together. Some of their mattresses carry a 40 year guarantee! I bought mine over 20 years ago, and it still feels great. I bought one for each of the kids too.

The McRoskey store in San Francisco is fun to visit. (On Market Street - near the city hall.) The company is in its third generation of McRoskey family ownership. The showroom is on the main floor, and all manufacturing is on-site on the upper floors. They have a couple of other retail outlets in California, and will ship them anywhere.

wws944 - no affiliation - just a satisfied customer

Here is a link that might be useful: McRoskey Airflex mattress company

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First, I like a soft mattress. Having said that, I love my latex mattress. It was made by a local mattress company. No flipping, no dust mites, no "holes," from what I've read elsewhere it should last nearly forever. Latex comes in different firmness levels so you can adjust the firmness to your taste. We've had ours about 3 years and it's still like new.

Our previous bed was a high end inner spring that gave us back aches. We slept on it about a month. Before that we had an air bed - loved it - but after 3 deflation events it was time for replacement.

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no flipping of a latex mattress? We flip ours on the instruction of the salesman. What is your understanding of why it isn't necessary? I would gladly quit, but it seems necessary to me.

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I can buy and sleep on any brand being in the trade. My pick for both my wife and I, plus both my teenagers is Royal-Pedic (all-cotton series) out of California.

-Duane Collie

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I bought a pillow-top 5 years ago (sealy or serta?) not sure. I hated it the first day I slept on it. It held my shape at the edge of the mattress and it basically stopped me from going toward the middle more. I am not a large person, I weigh 130 lb. It is now in our guest room and I bought a plush stearns & Foster and I feel like I am in heaven every night. It is firmer but still soft. Love it, I slept on a friends stearns & Foster about two years ago and that is the reason I looked at them.

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This was one of the advantages touted on many websites we looked at before deciding on latex. So far it's been true as there's been no detectable change in the contour of the mattress. I'm glad, too, because our King size weighs a ton, the main drawback in my opinion. Ours is essentially a slab of latex that is 8" thick. It has a cover that makes it appear like any other mattress. I understand some latex mattresses have additional padding, sometimes natural cotton, etc. So they may need to be flipped and turned. They probably don't weigh as much as ours.
" * devorah (My Page) on Sat, Jan 5, 08 at 14:28 no flipping of a latex mattress?"

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Tempur Pedic, the only regret I have is not buying one sooner. We would not consider buying anything else, period. I have never spoken with anyone that has one that does not love it. It was a blessing to my back.

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Another TempurPedic mattress owner here...for the past 5 years. Love that mattress! My body just melts into bed at night, and is so happy.

Wherever I stay away from home, my body aches on the different mattress -- regardless of brand. The pressure point spots ache, wake me up, force me to change positions, etc. My rest is nothing like it is on my mattress at home.

I'll never be without a TempurPedic mattress again.

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I like a firm mattress, I found it a nightmare finding the right one,
I settled for a Simmons (Angelic made for Macy's) after the Simmons Sunflower
( touted as firm as was my beautyrest that lasted over 20 yrs) also made for Macy's was way too soft. They don't make beds like they use to
I dislike sinking into a mattress, and not being able to flip them, heck I can barely lift it to tug my sheet securely :) I hope you did better then I did dkfinor :)

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We love our Simmons (mid-to-higher level) Beautyrest... remember the ads with the bowling ball being dropped and the pins not moving? It's true! My husband comes into bed after I do, and I'm a light sleeper and NEVER wake up because the mattress doesn't move. At all. It's fantastic!

I will say that I was a little disappointed in the slight indentation our bodies made almost immediately, but it wasn't enough to require a return to the store or a warranty claim.

It's NOT a pillow top (I think it's called a plushtop), but it still doesn't require flipping. It just requires us to rotate it every few months.

I'm in a temporary apt right now with rented furniture, and CAN'T WAIT to get back to my Simmons Beautyrest!

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