Review for Flexsteel Latitudes Crosstown Leather Sofas

kool_starAugust 3, 2010


We like the flexsteel latitudes Crosstown leather sofa collection. But I wanted to do research in terms of this particular latitudes crosstown brand of flex steel if any one is used it and can provide some feed back on it, it would be very helpful.

The ones we like are


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I have this furniture love the look but DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!
we purchased this furniture in Feb of 2010 by June of 2010 the recliner had worn down to the fabric. The leather spot is now as big as a grapefuit!!! I tried several times to get this taken care of but we bought it on a clearance still giving 1700 for the pair, furniture fair nor flexsteel will do anything. We were not home that much to enjoy the furniture as we love to fish and were gone every evening so as to why this feel apart it much be a defect!!!!!! Now the other cusion is doing the same thing. If you did buy this and are having the same problem please email me it is so unfair not just to me but anyone who has purchased this furniture and having the same problem!!! We must get something done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I too am interested in the Flexsteel Latitudes Crosstown reclining sofa and recliner and almost bought it today. Is anyone happy with their purchase?

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We have sold this unit tons of times and have had great success with it. Flexsteel like all other mfg are not without problems. Things happen. With that said it is very important that you trust the dealer you are buying from and make sure that they have great service after the sale should you have problems with the furniture.

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Purchased Flex-Steel Latitudes Feb. 2010. I bought a sofa, love-seat, chair and 2 ottomans- all Dylan Group Leather. I purchased the additional leather protective sealer and the overall warranty was for 5 years. I spent over $6,000 for this group. I have had many leather pieces over the years. This is the worst furniture you can imagine. The leather color is peeling off after 2 years of use. The Front Room Furnishings store was alerted and kicked me to a Flex-Steel rep. They all have done nothing to fix the problem which is the same for each piece of furniture. I thought I was buying a made in the USA group - found out later it was made in China. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - you will be disappointed and you'll waste your money like I did! Furthermore, I wouldn't recommend FRONT ROOM FURNISHINGS either. They should not sell a product that they won't support. Warranties mean nothing with these companies!

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Thank you for this update, RJH1971. I wish that you had better luck with your leather group. But im sure their are many others that are having similar problems with Flexsteel.
The leather color peeling off will usually occur on leathers that are split, not top-grain, then a colored polyurethane coating is applied to add strength and cover imperfections to these hides. Also this will occur on by-cast leather.
Question I have is the additional warranty from a 3rd party?

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Thanks for the response - the split leather is a very real possibility and the process you described is what I'm experiencing. The warranty was in my invoice from Front Room Furnishings with the fee I paid for it - it doesn't say if it was/is a third party - no listing whatsoever. I'm getting the better business bureau and other social media types to put pressure on these scoundrels! I don't know what else to do??

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We bought two reclining sofas from the Latitude's Collection from a local retailer on June 18th 2013. I assured by the retailer that Flexsteel furniture was the best and everything had a great warranty. I have all these paperwork, including the warranty tags that were attached. The two sofas were delivered by the end of that month, but we didn't get to use them much, because we were gone most of the summer. Within a few weeks of use, the leather color wore off in spots (now worn off on some of the seams) and I contacted the retailer who gave me a color pen to touch up the leather. It is now May 2014 and the cushions sag and it is impossible to be comfortable while sitting on them. Because it is less than a year, I tried to contact the retailer, but the owner retired and closed the store. (Countryside Furniture) I called Flexsteel who told me I must go through another retailer that sells Flexsteel . They recommended several within 50 miles, including an upholsterer. I contacted a few and finally my call was returned by one who came, offered sympathy and took pictures. They told me they would contact Flexsteel and have them returned and repaired. Sounds good, right? Well today the retailer called and said Flexsteel turned downed the request ...that the couches mahim, my have been transferred to the original retailer from another store and therefore there was no warranty. Since the original retailer is out of business, I cant ask him. What can I do with the couches? I was advised I could try to sell them at a yard sale.
Needless to say, I would advise against buying this collection. As for me, I will never again buy anything from Flexsteel. I believe in ethics. My husband and I are retired and cannot make an investment like this again.

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After a lot of phone calls, emails, formal complaint with the BBB, Flexsteel has finally honored the warranty by sending an upholsterer to us and adding 2 inches of stiff foam to the seats. In addition, they say they are ordering 2 bottles of touch up dye that should help with the color rub off.
We will be closing our complaint.
For anyone considering this Lattitudes Collection, buyer beware...

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I also bought Flexsteel because I was told it was the best. I had a spot appear before the 1 year "lifetime" warranty was up, but the furniture store where I purchased the set only had that spot dyed (spray painted). Now that area is faded again along with 3 others. I can't even sell this outfit the way it looks to try to recover a portion of what I over paid for it. Can anyone recommend a leather dye that I can use to cover up these hideous spots?

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Just read your review. I do not have an answer for the problem. We purchased two "American Made" recliners by Comfort Design. The leather was grade 4. Three months after delivery the leather began to peel on the edges of the foot rests on both chairs. BTW I am the only person who sat in the chairs. After much hassle with Caroilna Rustica, I received three foot rests that I had to install--great warranty.
My guess is that you are stuck with junk and unfortunately there is little that you can do. I sympathize with you but that's not going to solve your problem.

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