Garage Door Opener Losing Power

kenallenMarch 31, 2008

I recently had a Craftsman Garage Door Opener installed and now it appears to be losing power. When we attempt to open or close the garage door, it will move between 4 and 24 inches and stop. The light even goes off. Then the light will come back on in 3 - 45 seconds, and then we can push the button and it will continue for another few inches and go off again. I even unlatched the garage door, and it still does that. Any thoughts???

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I tested an extention cord to a different power outlet that I know is working and had the same problem.

I found that the twisted pair wires coming from the ceiling into the GDO was damaged. The outer covering is basically missing from a 1 inch section about 12 inches from where it enters the GDO. Also, the covering around a couple of the individual colored wires is striped off. It looked as though 2 of the wires could have been touching.

So I put electrical tape around each individual wire to keep them from touching. When I moved the orange wire to put tape around it, it broke. So I twisted it together and taped it.

Now the garage door doesn't lose power as often. When it does, I touch it on the side where the lights are and the power comes back. I can't make the power go out by shaking it or touching it though.

The door will go up fine with the remotes and the wall unit.

However, the door will only go down with the wall unit and only when I hold the button until it is completely down. If I let go, it will go back up, and the light flashes 10 times.

When I try to let the door down with the remotes, the light flashes ten times.

Any more thoughts? Do I need to reset the GDO? Do I need to cut the twisted pair wire where is stripped and rewire it into the GDO?

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Your door sensors are out of alignment. Make sure they are pointed at one another. When they are each one will have a small light that is lit.

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The main power board was going out. It was replaced and the GDO is working fine now. I think the touching wires caused the power board to go bad. Thanks for all the help.

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