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markboucharMarch 26, 2007

I have a craftsman 1/2HP GDO model 139.53964SRT, with 2 remotes model 139.53681B, and 3 button premium control panel, and remote keyless 4 digit keypad. All Purchased new and together on 6/2003. Both remotes lost range and acted up within 1-2 weeks of each other, I thought the batteries may be old, they were both replaced. I have tried reprogramming the remotes per instructions in my manual, but no success. The manual says with the door closed to press and hold the button on the remote, press and hold the light button on the door control, press and hold the door control push button - the lights on the opener should flash once when it has learned the code, mine never flashes. I have tried this procedure unsuccessfully with both remotes. I have also held the SRT button for 6 seconds to erase all remote control codes prior to performing the above procedure with no success.

Both the keyless 4 digit pad and premium control panel both operate normally. Only the remotes do not function.

Any ideas?

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The fact that both remotes have short range points to the logic board as the culprit.

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Thank you Don - do you know of a way I can test the logic board before buying a new one?

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I don't know of any way to testing that board other than replacement with a good one.

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I need help with my sears craftsman garage door opener. I cannot get my remotes and keyless entry pad to work. I can get the keyless to work but when I program the remotes the keyless stops working and vice versa. If I program the remotes the keyless stops working. I have tried wiping out all the codes but nothing is working can you please help. Thanks.

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debbie further down this same page you will find "Remote & Keyless Entry pad problems." They were having the same problem as you. Maybe it will help.

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