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jf1091March 16, 2007

Hi Everyone -

I have a shed in my backyard made by Heartland, and I am turning it into a "finished room". I'm brining in electricity with a new circuit box, outlets, lighting, etc. I was wondering what I should do about security.. Theres going to be a TV, computer, Web casting equipment, etc.

My doors are NOT flush. The right side door goes over a gap on the left side door. So to open the left side, I first have to open the right, then open the left.. Kind of like some trucks.

My question is, what should I do about locks?



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Throw bolts into the top frame and floor on one side and a hasp lock on the other door. I'd put pins into the hinges so they cannot be removed and the door taken off. Or get special hinges where the pins cannot be taken out. I would put motion sensor lights on it, high up, so no one can remove the bulb.

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