Beware of Chinese imports - Furniture

patrushka_maAugust 26, 2012

Make sure, when buying furniture, it is NOT made in China. I bought a very expensive black leather sofa from an Italian maker, and the leather was Italian and beautiful, but the sofa was constructed in China, so what I have is beautiful leather on a piece of junk. Problems too numerous to list. Retailer has since gone out of business, but DeCoro still manufacturing. I heard they were moving their manufacturing to Cambodia - God forbid they should give jobs to their own workforce and help Europe out of its problems.

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Patrushka ma, Im not sure I can help you, but you have instead hopefully helped many others to beware of this problem in the furniture industry. This is not uncommon, sorry to say. A number of retailers, especially online retailers, will say they carry brands that are actually just copies made in China. And your correct, I have seen a number of manufactures leave China for Cambodia and Myanmar, always chasing the lowest labor costs their is. These companies really dont care about the quality their selling. They will cover up a cheap frame with a leather that ever bits feels like genuine top grain leather, and these leather tanners are getting pretty good taking the poorest hides and making them look and feel of better hides. Only a real expert can tell the difference. The difference will be a year or so of use.
Also their are some very well know brands that are either cutting and sewing and/or upholstery knock-down frames in Asia, shipping to Mexico to add the mechanisms then finishing the upholstery. This happens for about 60% of the motion furniture for sale today and its a growing trend. Thats why I always suggest, only buy motion if really dont like stationary.
Support your local US built manufacturers that build quality furniture and support the community they live in with decent jobs.

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I believe the owners of Decoro came from Natuzzi. At least initially it could only buy from this manufacturer in volume. A few years back this was very hot commodity. I knew some reps that were selling this product and did very well by it. Their calling card was a stylish good looking product much like Natuzzi with nice tailoring and good looking leathers at low prices. Keep in mind with upholstery you really want to focus on what is on the inside in addition to the tailoring, leather or fabric on the outside.

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Yes one must beware of it. Some people buy cheap furniture but it damages very soon as they are Chinese low stuffed products.

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