Craftsman 1/2hp Garage Door Opener

aortaMarch 8, 2007

Well, i have the craftsman 1/2hp garage door opener... its worked fine up to about a week or two ago. It works for about 2-3 open/ closes before it just stops working. when it stops the LED to the wall remote turns off... but if you tap on the side with a screw driver it turns back on *somtimes*...anyone know whats the problem here? :(

its only like 70-80f outside

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I am assuming that when you say it stops working that means from the remotes, wall button everything etc. First thing I would check is does it have power when it quits working. (Is the opener powered up from the socket) If there is power from the socket and the opener does not have power, check the cord connection on the inside of the opener, check to make sure the circuit board is plugged completely in. If all checks out ok you board is probably bad.

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Okay well, the lights on the opener its self turn off to, i already checkd the plugs. Thanks though!

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