Sears Garage Door. Light won't turn on when door is opened/close

mulcboneMarch 10, 2008

Hi all. I have a Craftsman garage door opener model 139.53910.

We recently moved into this house and it has been working fine. Recently, the light stopped coming on when opening/closing the door. I, obviously, suspected the bulb was burned out, so I changed it. No luck. The thing I can think of is that during a recent four-hour power outage, something may have been damaged...however, since the opener performs normally, I'm inclined to think it's something else.

Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way!

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Howdy, 2 options.

A- UNPLUG the unit.
Get up on a ladder if you can safely, and look at the lightbulb socket contacts. Sand or srape them clean, or replace teh socket if its all pitted.

B-Or if you have a VOM and know how to use it SAFELY ON A LIVE CIRCUIT, check for 120v at the socket.

I strongly recommend using option A!!!

Good luck. Dave,

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If you have the 3 switch wall control try turning your light off and on with the light switch. If you cannot hear the relay click then your power problem most likely got to that relay. This would then be a logic board problem which is expensive.

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