how do i do this?

rbiggMarch 20, 2011

Got a challenge facing me. I THINK I know what to do, but sure would appreciate other comments:

I'm going to haul a king size mattress 450mi. To do this, I have a 6' trailer. May have to haul some other stuff, too. Basically, the mattress will be standing on edge. (Note: this is a wifely edict. I WILL haul that mattress. It's one we all love, yada yada yada....)

My theory of how to do this is:

a. Wrap it several times in plastic (ground cover)

b. Sandwich it between two sheets of 1/2" plywood. (the sandwich will be on the outside of the mattress).

c. Tie it tightly as a package.

d. put cushions under it

Hopefully, this will be a waterproof way of standing it between other stuff.

Any other great thoughts on what might be a good thing here?

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I'd rather use an enclosed trailer.
If positioned wrong, even something as thick as a mattress can catch some air and act as an airfoil that will make the trailer uncontrollable at highway speeds, or less.

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