Toughest finish for wood flooring?

icspotzApril 29, 2008

With 4 large dogs, we need to find a wood floor finish that will hold up with a minimum of damage. We've had laminate flooring for many years but it just doesn't have the same look as natural wood so for our new house, we want the real thing.

I've gotten varying opinions: 1.) solid wood/no stain/polyurethane finish (because it's easy to refinish), 2.) solid wood/commercial epoxy finish (like what's on gymnasium floors??), 3.) engineered wood with factory applied aluminum oxide finish.

Specific recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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with dogs, your floor will get scratched. No question about that and no finish will prevent scratching. I have a large active pit bull and I think the perfect solution is to get a finish that is easy to repair. I am using Waterlox. Spot repairs are a breeze!! I am using no stain and 4 coats of waterlox. I know Bailey will scratch the floor and if (when) she does, I can just dab a little waterlox on the scratched area and it looks like new again.

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It is the denting from dog's nails that will show the most on any wood floor, no matter how they are finished and with what. The satin finishes will show scratching and damage less than the glossier ones.

If site finishing, choose a commercial waterborne (two-part) finishing material, such as those made by BonaKemi, Basic Coatings, Vermeister and a few others. They are the most durable film-forming finishes made today and are totally cured in about seven days.

The Waterlox materials, hardwax oils and all that are fine, but expect more maintenance on your part to keep them looking good.

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