Debate: vapor barrier under concrete driveway to avoid cracking?

fatladyMarch 30, 2008

My landscape contractor plans to install a 10 mill vapor barrier on top of the base rock for our new concrete driveway. He claims that in his past jobs that used vapor barriers, he got no cracking in the concrete driveways.

My soils engineer was skeptical, and said that he thought that with the large amount of water we get in our area, and the silty clay ground, that it would be better for the water to reach the concrete surface.

Who is right?

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The logic I come up with is that the vapor barrier might keep the concrete from curing too fast with the moisture being wicked down into sand/stone underneath. If it's a silty clay soil directly underneath, instead, then that wicking would not be as significant.

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Concrete NEEDS water to cure properly.
Within reason, the more the better.

It would be better to wet the base slightly before pouring.

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