Chain saw pull cord not working!

jim_w_nyMarch 25, 2009

Yes I did a Search and got over 900 listings.

I think I failed to oil the mechanism that responds to the pull of the cord. Thinking maybe that putting oil in the fuel did that?

Anyway what to I do now?

Well I pull it doesnt's spin, just clunk. No turning.

I haven't yet looked to see how it might come apart. It's a Husqvarna 136.

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are you saying that failed to put oil int eh gas? if so you have burnt it up.

if the engine is burnt up, you buy a new saw.

before that though, pull teh cover off it and see if there is anythign caught in there and binding the recoil(the part the rope is on). if it is, then clean it out.

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Reading the original post sounds like oil was put in the fuel...sounds more like the cord spring broke.

"Sean McDonagh Racing"

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You need oil in two places on your saw,

1. mixed with gas for a 2-cycle
2. in small tank for bar and chain, without the clutch or chain could sieze.

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If the original poster is still reading - sorry your question was not very clear but I am assuming that you mean there's something wrong with the pull start piece- although if the engine is seriously messed-up, the pull cord won't work then either!

As far as I know, there's no scheduled maintenance/lubrication of most pull-cord mechanisms, they work til they stop. It's a device that's been around for the best part of 100 years and in my experience usually outlast the motor itself.

That being said, they do need servicing occasionally, esp when the cord breaks.

This should be a routine job for a repair shop if that's all it is. If you are mechanically minded and have a few tools you may be able to repair it yourself, usually there's a cover where the pull cord lives. Be careful when disassembling it, because there will be springs under tension, and if it all flies apart you won't know how to put it all back together (except by trial and error, and I've had a lot of practice with that!

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