Wood porcelain - Who besides Porcelanosa?

carnivoreApril 14, 2012

We love Porcelanosa's Parker wood porcelain tiles but at $18/sq ft they'd really blow the budget. Other wood porcelain tiles I've seen so far simply don't compare, they look cheap and unconvincing.

Are there some other brands for less we should try to look at, or is this really the price range for a good wood porcelain tile? We want to lay these with tight grout joints and are especially interested in the Alaska Grey or Montana Cottage color ranges.

By the way I've seen others on this board mention their kitchen designers get them discounted pricing from Porcelanoa. We're not working with a designer though so how can we get a discount if we go with them?

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I've seen some quite nice wood tiles at Lowe's.

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What is wrong with real wood?

Unless you are below grade on concrete you can install actual wood, have a softer floor to work and stand on, then have it finished just about any color you want.

With no grout joints to seal or try and clean.

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While I can't speak to the Porcelanosa we installed the wood look tile from Home Depot special order and since then everyone, including contractors think we have real wood flooring. We've had it in for 10 yrs and are very happy with it. It was in the $3.xx per sqr foot range. It also had the highest hardness rating and has held up to contractors dropping large drills on it and other things.

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It's a busy kitchen where I don't want real wood to be subjected to spills, scraping stuck food off (along with the finish), etc. Tile is a better solution for this space and I like the look of the long plank-style tiles.

I already looked at Lowes and found nothing worth considering. I didn't check Home Depot because I expected about the same results but I guess I can give it a try.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

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You might want to look at Emser. I was at their showroom near me several months ago and they had some wood look tile that looked great. Below is a link to their website. It must be selling very well - there are several new wood-look varieties. Check out Alpine, Country, Heritage (ceramic), Sakai.

I have purchased tile from Emser through my contractor. The showroom sells only wholesale, and employees wouldn't give me a price because the contractor can decide how much they want to add to the wholesale price. I just checked the price online to give me an idea if tile I was interested in was in my price range.

Here is a link that might be useful: Emser tile

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carnivore, what did you end up going with for your kitchen flooring?

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I went with Castelvetro Misingi Tile 5" X 32" in Suber color, a really nice, warm taupe grey. I think it looks every bit as good as the Porcelanosa tiles and we've gotten many compliments on the floor. In fact that usually seems to be the first thing everyone mentions when they see the room.

It was about a quarter of the price of the Porcelanosa, I ordered online from Aubrey Flooring and was very happy with them. Luckily I was able to see a sample at local showroom first though, because the color looked too brown online. Unfortunately the local dealer wouldn't price match so after confirming it was the same item # we ended up going with Aubrey.

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That looks really awesome. I am thinking of getting the same tile in the gombe color but want to know if the 32 inch length poses a problem as far as warping/bowing up in the middle. Is your floor perfectly flat? How wide are your grout lines? Also if you don't mind, a close up picture would help a lot. Thank you so much.

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We were considering Porcelanosa for all the tile in our new construction. We happened to go to a warehouse store in MD and had a great experience. We then went to the regular retail store and also went to a store in Miami. The stores were awful. No one would even speak to us - and both times we walked the whole store. We got the distinct impression that they aren't used to people coming in without a designer. Hope if you consider them you have a better experience.

Not what your question was about, but wanted to chime in.

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We just started looking at wood look porcelain tiles and found gorgeous ones at Standard Tile in New Jersey. made by Gazzini and called Attic Plank. We fell in love with it since it looks incredibly natural, with many variations of wood grain among the tiles, which is nice - just like real wood.
I'm adding a link to their website, but they really have to be seen in person.
The cost around $9 per sq. ft., but I think they'll be cheaper through my contractor.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Gazzini Tile

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