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raf1March 19, 2006

I am in the market to install 2 garage doors. Which brand is better Wayne Dalton or CHI Over Head Door (There website is . I am also thinking of Listmaster 2500 with battery back-up.

Any comments or suggestions

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These forums are not very good at doing evaluations of garage doors or even having comparative information. You really have to do a web search. Garage doors such as garaga or raynor seem to be very good and both have a lot of information on their web sites. You will probably have to do the homework yourself.

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Check out the link. Hormann doors are fabulous, German designed, US built. We just had 4 installed in our new house attached garage. Very well designed and built. Lots of attention to detail. The highest insulation rating if you want an insulated door. Love them. (No, I don't see or make money off them....:)

Here is a link that might be useful: hormann door

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Stick with something you can get service on by more than one dealer. Clopay or Amarr are just two that parts and service are available from "any" door dealer. Overhead Door Co. is good but It is a McDonalds hamberger. You are really stuck with them for the rest of the life of the door. So if it was not a great experience, your stuck. You have a door installed, you decide your not really happy with the company, or the person that did the work, so you call someone else that also carries that door product for Non-warranty service couple of years later. With Overhead door co., you may not be able to do this. Your kind of "locked into them". Wayne Dalton is good but stay away from their, "Spring in a pipe" Lowes sells them too. They never work correctly. I get calls to service them often. I won't touch them anymore. You will have to contact them, (Wayne Dalton). Even they don't like them. They also came up with the "I Drive" door operator. That one was and Is still a big bomb also. Do your self a favor, stick with popular door names, with door openers also, otherwise no one will want to service them later... Dan

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is Raynor like the Overhead brand, I need to get their own parts and stuck with the same dealer forever?

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Raynor is a little different than overhead. They use a 2 and 1/4 inch inside diameter spring rather than a 2 in or 1 and 3/4 inch. Overhead door brand doors are just like any other door on the market, except they have a terrible problem with the screws falling out. You can use other brand door parts for the Overhead Door brand doors. They want you believe you can use only their parts but you don't. I would stay away from them, their product is overpriced and I personally think they a junk.

Stay as far away from Wayne Dalton as you possibly can. Trust me on this one.

Raynor, Amarr, Doorlink, CHI are all decent doors. I would opt for 24 gauge steel and make sure they put atleast two struts on it for you. They should put one on the top section but, I would make sure one goes on the section section as well. It will make your door last longer.

Good Luck

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just signed an order to have raynor door and their garage opener installed, the door is their centura 2" thick R-18 value, the opener is their Aviator, belt drive 1/2hp. There is no mention of struts in the contract, should I be concerned?

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If it is a 8 or 9x7 no as long as one goes on the top section. If it is a 16x7 especially with double side steel it should have a strut on the second section. Also make sure they have the special operator brackets to attach the operator to door with no matter what size. Don't let them use pre punched angle and put a bunch of tech screws in the door. Your probably paying enough money, so make sure it is done right.

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this is a 16x7 door, and looking at raynor website, looks like the centura has a few bars going around in the backside, but the picture is very fussy to tell for sure. I think I got a good deal, the total was around $1250 installed, with ~30% off.

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I looked at the web site. The door has 3 struts, this is good. However, it did not have the opener bracket I was talking about. Double sided steel doors have a special bracket in which you connect the opener arm to the door with. I would insist this bracket be installed.

The opener is a Liftmaster 3280 with the name Raynor on it. It is a good opener. It is one step down from the 2500 your were talking about. ( otherwise known as the 3850 now ). You mentioned two doors I am assuming the $1250.00 is for one door and opener for a total of $2500.00 all together. This is a great deal. If the $1250.00 is for both door and openers then that is un heard of.

Make sure they give you the operator brackets and make sure it comes with 3 struts as advertised and you will be fine for that price.

Another tip: Nylon rollers will be quieter than steel. Are they giving you Nylon?

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I am not getting 2 doors, the person that started this thread is, I am just some guy hi-jacked this thread. anyway, this is for 1 16x7 door with one opener, they told me I was getting nylon rollers, the same rollers used in the affina line, their top of the line door.

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with the same specifications, which is better brand of garage door. Coplay or raynor. both 2" thick, insullated, similar guage steel in and out etc etc. The Raynor guy is saying the coplay is glued together and his is welded. is that true??? also the Coplay has higher R value. 17 vs 9. both good however as i am upgrading from cheap builder grade.

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