Anso Nylon question

mybrowneyedgirlsApril 18, 2011

Anyone have experience with the Anso nylon frieze (specifically their "design twist" line)? I have a couple of questions. My salesperson told me that their middle grade ("gold" line) is 60 oz. Shaw said no, it is 41. Is 41 going to hold up ok? Seems pretty thick, but I'm disappointed it is not really 60 oz.

Next, I was under the impression that will retain its twist well--it has a 20 yr texture retension warranty, even on stairs. But when I tested a sample piece for stain resistance (which performed well) the twist came undone on some strands, and some strands "ballooned" at the top. I was pretty disappointed. I got an amazing price on this carpet (and have to order by tonight). From what another carpet company told me, they can't come close to matching the price I got and that the store must be selling it at a loss. So the price is great but now I'm nervous about how it will hold up. Help! I'm supposed to order by this evening!

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Anso is a top of the line nylon and the product you are mentioning is an excellent product. It should do extremely well anywhere you use it.

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Thank you, Floortech. You have been a great help throughout this buying process! I placed my order last night.

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the fact that it has such a strong warranty is an indication that it will perform well. I don't know how you could 'duplicate' a factory test? When you steam clean cpts its a way to 'reset' the twist. Since its a frieze appearance retention is better than on a saxony. Anything over 32 oz is considered a up-grade over base grade. I think you'll be fine. Buying cpt by the oz is never a guarantee of quality.

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How is your carpet holding up after 2 years? We are thinking of purchasing the designer twist carpet - either the gold or the platinum. I was told the platinum is 53.6 oz and the gold is 44 oz. The ounces have probably changed since you bought it.
We are looking at the designer twist with the multi colors in it - called popcorn and pebble. Which color did you go with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! We are making the decision in the next day or two.

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