Weird twig embedded in polyurethane?!?

mlrprincetonApril 16, 2014

Just got floors refinished last week. It was expensive! $6000 for less than 2000 square feet. There's some small thing, looks like a very small twig embedded. It's in a noticeable location. It is tiny. The second pic shows my finger pointing to it so you can see how small it is. It's in the kitchen, so I'm also worried that water will end up getting in under there.

I need some experienced people--is this worthy of calling the refinishers? Is there anything they could do? Is this so small that you all are thinking I'm obsessive compulsive? I didn't crawl around or anything, it stuck out right away to me. Thanks!

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Minor debris does wind up in any site finished job, but your 'twig' is big enough for your refinisher to come back and fix it. Many times all that is needed is a single edge razor blade. It probably can be easily sliced out of the finish. Then, if necessary, new finish can be feathered to blend any visual anomaly that may remain.

Done all the time.

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Wow, thanks for the fast reply, Glenn. Sounds like it's not inappropriate/crazy to ask them to come back.

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HollySprings, if you're here, I'd like your opinion!!

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I feel bad you think you might be OCDing this. I'd hardly call that very small - curious what it measures? You'd think they would have spotted it and corrected on their own. Simple pride in workmanship. For that kind of money, don't hesitate to ask for it be removed. They might try to make you feel picky, but don't!

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Thank you Snookums and Glenn. I emailed the contractor that photo and he's coming back in the morning to fix it! Thanks guys for making me feel ok about mentioning it.

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