hardwood contrasting banding

elizawhyzaApril 27, 2012

We're having hardwood floors installed and the flooring contractor has suggested that between rooms, we can have a board at each doorway that is made of two narrow bands of dark walnut with a band of lighter oak in between. It looks cool, but my house is colonial in style, and I wondered if doing that is more Victorian.

On the one hand I like the contrast, yet I also think seeing the color of the wood uninterrupted by anything darker is also nice.

Any thoughts? I guess it just comes down to preference, but I'd love to know what others think.


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Im a professional floor refinisher and worked in lots of both style homes. While the walnut transition border isnt exactly the "style" who cares. If you love it and not a huge added expense do it. Even if walnut is not installed you could still stain the oak to imitate what the walnut would do. Its ur home! Just remember that!

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Thanks, I really appreciate your comments. Actually, this was a case of my not being sure I liked it, but not wanting to hurt the flooring contractor's feelings, as they were his idea.

I decided not to go with them when I realized that I really only thought they'd look cool in someone else's house! I have to learn to grow a pair!

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