Looking for opinions on waxing over tung oil finish

simoneauxApril 2, 2011

Thanks in advance for any and all opinions!

The decision has been made to finish our heart of pine floors with tung oil. So now I'm interested in your opinions about waxing over the oil.

I know that the oil has to cure completely before any of these things can be done. Here are my questions:

1. Will simply buffing the oil finish with a floor polisher give ANY shine?

2. For those who wax...what's the BEST wax to use?

Any other info on this matter is more than welcome!

Again, Thanks!

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You can try to rub your finish to fix your problem.
Use 400 grade sandpaper put in a hand block to sand your finish. sand it until all your nibs is gone and you get a smooth and even surface.
After that you can rub your finishing with steel wool to bring up your sheen. Then you can apply a paste wax to polish the surface.
If you sanding process cannot give you a even surface then you need to re coat with your oil.

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