How to store bikes in the garage

del_mar_caMarch 1, 2006

Ok...I cannot figure out how best to store two adult bikes.

I seen where you can hang them from vertically from the wheels.

Seen where you can hang two bikes horizontally by a arm that cradles the upper tube (but not sure how that works for my wife's woman style frame).

See it on a freestanding contraption horizontally.

What are your suggestions (and I know it all deals with personal preferences and space where they will be stored)? Send pictures please!

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i hang mine from the ceiling, less tempted to use them that way, keeps them nice for the next garage sale.

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When not on my car, I have a bike rack that I attached to a garage wall where the bikes are mounted.

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I've been wanting to get one of those 'gravity' bike racks - does anyone have one and do they work?

Here is a link that might be useful: example of gravity bike rack

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I was looking into the 'gravity' bike racks...and still interested in what others have to say.

My thoughts without owning one. From what I have heard...basically the best setup is to still mount it to the wall so it doesn't topple. It still has that 'footing' it takes up floor space. And if it is mounted on the wall...just get horizontal mounted bike holders.

But...I should keep an open mind....looking forward to more replies regarding storing bikes.

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There is also a tension mounted storage pole - anyone have any experience with those. My problem is that my garage is cinder block and, although it is improving, my concrete drilling skills still leave a lot to be desired :) And, in the meantime, my bike (and especially DH's since mine has a kickstand but his doesn't) take up excessive and valuable floor/wall space.

Here is a link that might be useful: tension bike pole

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I have 4 bicycles for just me. Somehow I seem to attract them. Anyway I hang them vertically on the wall in front of the car. I have a 2x4 attached to the wall with 4 evenly spaced hooks screwed into it.

I got this setup from an apartment complex I used to live in. It's not too high and yet there's a couple of feet from the bottom of the tire to the floor of the garage to park my lawn mower and string trimmer. My bikes aren't heavy so it's quick and easy to hang them there.

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