Tigerwood Flooring - if you have it would you do it again

snowcampApril 6, 2013

We are considering putting in Tigerwood flooring.

We have a small house and a relatively modest budget - but since the house is small we feel like we can afford the extra cost for solid tigerwood.

We love the look of Tigerwood but are concerned about three things
---Sensitivity to sun
---Tendency to show scratches and dust
---Overall durability and consistency of appearance over time
---We have two small dogs who like to chase around the house

We appreciate any information that you can share with us.

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We have Bellawood Brazillian Koa solid wood installed in our 2-story home. It's been a year and I love it more than when we first had it. We have 2 large dogs and there are some scratches in main floor area and kitchen (high traffic). The scratch is only to the finish and can only be seen in certain angles. It's held up much much better than the bamboo flooring. The reason I like it now better than before is the way it's honeyed up since and is similar to brazillian cherry but a lot more characters.

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Unique Wood Floors

We have had great experience with tigerwood overall. It is a medium colored floor with black stripes going through some of the boards. We found people liked to use this floor often to blend in their homes with golden oak trims and cabinets.

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