Any use for Parmesan rind?

PattyPeterson2208February 11, 2013

I received a hunk of Parm for my birthday yesterday used some already is there any use for the tough skin. I have never had a large piece before. Was a lucky day also won a really nice prize at turkey hunting banquet. Patty

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Throw them in your spaghetti sauce. They don't really melt away but flavor the sauce and then you can fish out and toss.

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Or in soups.

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If you can cut it up into little strips before you add it to pasta sauce or soups, it will dissolve more easily. I have a Kitchenaid cheese grater attachment that will grate hard Parmesan rind, aged three years. It takes a while, but eventually I can get almost all of it grated and then used on pasta or whatever.


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I also use the rinds for spaghetti sauce. I asked the cheese guy at Fresh Market what he did with them; he said they threw them way. I asked him to save them for me because I used them in my sauce. Next thing I knew I saw them in the cheese case for sale.

Been doing that for a long time--my grandpa saved them from his wheels of Parmesan from his Italian grocery store to give to grandma for the weekly sauce.

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There's a ton of cheese on that rind! Get out your microplane and work it.... May be easier to handle cut into smaller pieces.

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I put them in stews and soups for flavor.
I throw them in the freezer to store until I need one


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I also toss mine into the soup pot, Elery uses it when making red sauces for pasta.


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Soups and stock, like everyone else. It is great in pasta e fagioli.


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I read this article a while back and have ever since saved the rind for toast and soup.

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This rind is a real prize. Sauce never tastes as good without it. I put a little parm in tomato sauce but nothing compares to the rind simmered in the sauce. Soups too, especially any kind of veggie soup or bean soups. But, I love to chew on it and eat it after it's been simmered to soft. Yummmmy....

Oh, I meant to say it's terrible and you should just send it to me to dispose of it,

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I always toss a piece of Parm rind into the pot when I make my cheese sauce for mac and cheese, if I have one on hand. The more different cheeses in the sauce, the better the flavor, IMO.

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I toss mine into a bag in the freezer and then pull out what I need when making sauces or soup.

It really adds a rich flavor. I especially like it in Ribollita...MMMMMM, good!


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